This is me...

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Hi! My name’s Lou and I set up LouP Creative in April 2020 – right in the middle of a pandemic. Great timing eh!

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I’m from the West of Scotland originally, a stunninly beautiful part of the world – if a wee bit wet and windy at times. I grew up in a small village where we would leave the house in the morning and often not come home until after dinner – how times change! I studied Business Studies in Edinburgh – one of my favourite cities which, given that we would often wake up with ice on the inside of the windows, is really saying something. I’m a big animal lover and currently live in a house with 2 gerbils, 3 hamsters and a grumpy cat who doubles as my assistant (at least he thinks he does!). I’ve ridden horses since I was 8 and now I help to look after a rather gorgeous thoroughbred mare.

My family are the biggest reasons I’m doing what I’m doing. We have two beautiful girls, one is pony mad and the other is a gymnast who spent much of lockdown upside down, until she dislocated her elbow walking through the front door…

Now they are both back at school I want more flexibility with when I can take holidays – all parents out there will know the dilemma of how to fit 25 days annual leave into all the school holidays – right?! I also want to be my own boss and spend my time doing things I love… and I love making things look pretty and I also love a bit of tech – yep I’m a techie geek!

I use InDesign and Photoshop, sprinkled with a wee bit of WordPress and Illustrator, and maybe a pinch of glitter (I do love a bit of glitter!). I have an office in the loft of our house – now that I’ve kicked the other half out (he’s been working from home in MY office due to Covid-19!).

I am known for being personable and approachable, I’m a problem solver and love something to figure out and fix. I’m down to earth and honest and what you see is what you get. No corporate nonsense here!

I’m really excited to meet you and find out what you need help with… hopefully we can meet in person soon – but if not there’s always zoom.