Jess and Tilly

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Linda and Rachel

Owners, Jess and Tilly

The Brief

  • Logo and Style Sheet – create logo and style sheet including colours and typefaces
  • Website – create large, e-commerce website in WordPress

Linda and Ray got in touch because they wanted to split their ‘doggy’ products away from all their other merchandice and give them their own spot in the limelight – so that they could specifically target dog lovers with their marketing. The first step was to create them a logo (using their beloved pooches as inspiration) and then build their website. This was a large e-commerce website with 7 product lines, up to 5 different colour options, 5 sizing options and up to 6 different logo finishes! It took a lot of thought and organisation… it’s by far the biggest site I’ve done and I’m really proud of the way it’s turned out! Take a look…

Visit the website here.


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