Katie Burnell Dog Training -July 2020

What did we want to achieve?

  • Website – technical aspects, copy, branding, design, publication
  • Logo – vectorise existing logo
  • Facebook page – set up and transfer admin rights
  • Leaflet – design, arrange for print and delivery

Katie was looking to get her brand new dog training business up and running. She wanted a website and some leaflets initially but had absolutely no idea where to start. Katie had started to create a website but really didn’t know what she was doing (her words!). She hadn’t registered her domain and had no idea what hosting was.

How did we go about it?

I took Katie through all the options for her website and, working very closely with her, we identified the most suitable platform for her new business. I took care of all the ‘tricky techie start up bits’ (technical term!) like domain registration and hosting… and obviously Katie was kept in the loop at all times and had input into all decisions made.


Katie had ideas on colour schemes she liked and already had a low res version of her logo. I updated the logo into a vector file so she could use it anywhere at any size. Working from a brain dump of ideas for content, I wrote the copy for her and created the website using Wix. We used Wix so that Katie would be able to manage it easily herself once completed. Katie was delighted with the end result, she said ‘It’s like you know what I’m thinking! I’m so glad you were able to take over.’

Once the website was up and running, Katie asked me to set up her Facebook page and create some leaflets she could use to promote her business.

Lou has been invaluable in making my website a reality. She has been incredibly patient, supportive and encouraging; interpreting my thoughts and setting my brand new business up online. She has guided me through the ‘techie’ process explaining each stage clearly. I have no hesitation in recommending Lou for all your website and marketing needs.

Katie Burnell

Owner, Katie Burnell Dog Training