Nice to meet you!

Working together is really important to me. I need to get under the skin of your business to identify the best way forward… and I’ll need your help to do that!

Whether it’s a leaflet design or a full website revamp, when we first meet I’ll be asking a lot of questions – sorry about that! I’ll need to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, what your goals are, who you’re trying to connect with. You can tell me what your product or service does and how you interact with your customers currently. In short I want to be able to become an expert in your business and its requirements as quickly as possible.

And then?

I’ll then take all that information away and do some more digging. I’ll be looking at your existing website (if you have one), your industry and competitors. Every project will be different so I’ll come up with a plan for your individual goals and we’ll agree it together.